How to select the Wired mouse for a PC or Laptop

How to select the Best wired mouse for a PC or Laptop

Mouse is the most important device for a PC or laptop, but without technical knowledge, you can’t buy the mouse which you really want. So, to select the best-wired mouse, you can check buying guide for the Wired mouse, Buying guide is given below.

  • Design: Design is the most important thing you should consider. 
  • Check Colour – mouse available in how many colors.
  • Check warranty: How much is the warranty on that particular wired mouse. Buy that wired mouse which has more warranty on it. In Mouse here, the warranty tells us about the life of that particular mouse.
  • Check Brand: (As per me) Top brands in mice are – Logitech, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc., and other small brands are also good. Well, qualities matter, not the brand. Buy a mouse of any brand that works long last and has more warranty on it. We know every mouse has a limited life, so buy any brand mouse which gives more life and a smoother experience.
  • Check Supported OS: Check On which type of operating system, that particular mouse works. Must check it before buying.
  • Check button click life: Somewhere, you will get information about the Click life of the mouse, or somewhere you will not. A company that offers a 3-year warranty usually does not mention click life, but if it is mentioned, you can also check the details about the click life of the buttons and compare them to your chosen mouse. Always select that mouse that has more click life and warranty.
  • Check Scroll Wheel qualityIf any company offering a mouse with a 3-year warranty, it is understood that button life and scroll wheel quality are good. Apart from this must check (whether the scroll wheel is quality-smooth or not) before purchasing, you can check on videos/reviews of that particular mouse.
  • Check button sound and Scroll Wheel sound: You can take any mouse if the click/scroll wheel sound does not matter for you. But if you need a minimal sound mouse, must check this before purchasing. Well, the minimal sound mice are good. In my case, if I will have to purchase then — I will buy a minimal sound mouse rather than a noisy mouse.
  • Check – is that wired mouse comfortable or not, also get information about the size of that particular wired mouse.
  • Check Which Technology is used (Optical or Laser): Optical mouse is cheaper than a laser mouse, Optical mouse doesn’t work well on a transparent surface, but a laser mouse work on any surface, an Optical mouse is more accurate than a laser mouse, that’s why we use optical mouse for gaming, or even almost every user uses an optical mouse because they are easily available at a low price also.
  • Check Build quality.
  • Check Wire length: Go for a long wire mouse instead of a short wire mouse. You can adjust the length from computer to mouse if you have more wire length.
  • Check the shape of the mouse: is that will be comfortable for me or not.
  • Check Wire type: Go for a braided cable mouse rather than a normal cable mouse. There are two types of wire. One is normal, and the second one is braided. A braided cable has more flex life (more bending life) and has more mechanical strength of a cable. Also, the braided cable is a Tangle-Free cable—these all qualities are not in normal cables.
  • Check button and scroll wheel quality
  • Check DPI (Dots per inch): (you may have seen on the box of a mouse – 800/1000/1600/1200 DPI, etc. but what is it) DPI is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is. A mouse with a higher DPI setting detects and reacts more to smaller movements. Higher DPI Is Not Always Better. If you need a mouse for normal use, not for gaming, you can choose a mouse with 800 DPI to 2000 DPI because if you choose a mouse that has a 3000 DPI setting and when you move your cursor, that will fly all the way across the screen when you move your mouse a little bit, so for normal use select any mouse that comes with 800 DPI to 2000 DPI and if you need a mouse for gaming, A higher DPI mouse works very effectively.
  • Check is there any button for Adjusting DPI levels: In some mice, you will get a fixed DPI (like 800DPI) of any Value. you will not get an extra button on the mouse for DPI changing if that particular mouse comes with 1 DPI setting). Now in some mice, you will get more than 1 DPI level (like this – 800/1200/1600 DPI), here these 3 DPI levels can be adjusted as per the use by simply pressing the DPI button on the mouse (A button is provided in mouse (which has more than 1 DPI setting) for adjusting DPI levels). By using the DPI button, you can adjust DPI settings as per your need. For example – if any mouse comes with these DPI levels – (800/1200/1600 DPI) and if you have to play a game, you can press 3 times for switching to the 1600 DPI setting, so that, the mouse gives better sensitivity in the game.

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